Boards & Departments

Gladbrook Public Library

The Gladbrook Public Library is governed by a board of 5 appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.

The Board is responsible for the hiring of Library personnel and with that personnel oversee the operations of the Library.

Gladbrook Fire Department

Gladbrook and surrounding rural townships are protected by its Volunteer Firemen’s Association.

Gladbrook-Lincoln Ambulance Service

The City of Gladbrook owns & operates its own emergency ambulance service staffed by trained volunteers.

Gladbrook Water Board

The Gladbrook Water Board is a board of 3 Gladbrook residents appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. The Gladbrook Water Board is charged with the management and control of the municipally owned water distribution and storage system.

Gladbrook Fitness & Wellness Center

The Gladbrook Fitness & Wellness Center Board is comprised of city & school representatives charged with managing the operation of both the fitness center and the pubic pool.

Gladbrook Theater & Matchstick Marvels Board

A board of volunteers along with a hired manager oversee the operation of the Centre.

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